Imagine Books Update

Kevin became editorial director of Imagine Books, the adult imprint of Charlesbridge Publishing, in 2018. Imagine publishes narrative nonfiction, with an emphasis on history, politics, and social justice. The Spring 2020 publishing season sees the publication of the first books Kevin acquired and developed for Imagine, including Taking a Knee, Taking a Stand, Birder on Berry Lane, and Borrowing Life. Check them out.

My Literary Neighborhood

A few years ago, Kevin wrote a blog piece on his literary neighborhood. Well, he’s moved to a different part of Cambridge, MA, but the virtual tour is still fun.

Latest Writings

Kevin’s recent work for The Dublin Review of Books includes a long essay on Robert Caro, Lyndon Johnson’s biographer, and a review of David Marwell’s powerful book on Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death.”