Imagine Books Update

Imagine Books will publish Shmuel’s Bridge, by Jason Sommer in March 2022. A moving memoir about Jason’s trip to Eastern Europe with his survivor father, the book is a remarkable study of the impact of the Holocaust on a family and a powerful story of fathers and sons. Imagine’s spring 2022 list will also include When Hope and History Rhyme, a history of natural law and human rights by Yeshiva University professor Doug Burgess. News about the fall 2022 list coming soon.

My Literary Neighborhood

A few years ago, Kevin wrote a blog piece on his literary neighborhood. Well, he’s moved to a different part of Cambridge, MA, but the virtual tour is still fun.

Latest Writings

Kevin has reviewed Jonathan Franzen’s novel Crossroads in The Dublin Review of Books. Some literary history included, from the eighteenth century on. Click here to read.